Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists
Since 1984
Por la libertad de expresión y la preservación de nuestra cultura latina.
For Freedom of Expression and the preservation of our Latin culture.
  On the evening of Monday December 9, 2012, was first delivered the Award of Excellence "30th Anniversary" of the Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists from the hands of Ambassador Maria Cristina Barrios Almanzor, Consul of Spain to Ernesto Llerandi, owner of Delicias de España restaurants an example of quality and consistency in maintaining the Hispanic tradition in the United States.
  At the ceremony, the mayor of the city of South Miami, Dr. Philip K. Stoddard, presented a proclamation to Delicias de España, where the dedication of the Miranda family Llerandi-out since 1997 in his family business of legitimate products and Spanish meals. Was also given a proclamation from Miami-Dade County, by the President of the Commission, Rebeca Sosa.
  Participants representations of the Commercial Office of Spain in Florida, the Consulate of Mexico, the local Chamber of Commerce and other political authorities and representatives of the press in Miami.
  More information about the restaurant on its website: Delicias de España
Humberto O. Estenoz, President of the International Press Club of Miami, addressed the group. Photo: Juan C. Gómez (Miami Daily)
Dr. Philip K. Stoddard, City of South Miami Mayor (left) gives the Proclamation of recognition of the city to Ernesto Llerand, Delicias de España restaurants owner. Photo Juan C. Gómez (Miami Daily)
Humberto O. Estenoz, President of the International Press Club of Miami, deliver the In Memoriam acknowledgment to Guillermo Lara, Board Member of the FAHJ recently deceased. Receiving the award his son: Bill Lara (left). Photo: Juan C. Gómez (Miami Daily)
Gilberto Hernández Arranz (right), from the Office of the President of Miami-Dade County Comission Rebeca Sosa, delivers the County Proclamation to Delicias de España restaurants.
Foto: Germán Guánchez