Asociación de Periodistas Hispanos de La Florida Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists
Since 1984
Por la libertad de expresión y la preservación de nuestra cultura latina.
For Freedom of Expression and the preservation of our Latin culture.
The Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists in occasion of the 35th Anniversary of its Foun-dation on August 13th 2019 and in collaboration with the International Press Club of Miami, the Universities of Florida (UFLDigital Colection) and their project  Celebrating Cuba!, the Digital Newspapers Collection of Florida (UFDC), the International of Florida (FIU), with their Depart- ments of JournalismHistory and the Latin American Collection (Steven y Dorothea Green Li- brary) and the Saint Thomas of Aquinas,decided to continue the efforts fot the promotion and now preservation of the memory of our Hispanic communities in Florida trough their community press, radio and their archives, work that started our colleague Guillermo 'Bill' Lara the 1990's with the Community Media Council and since 2002 with our FAHJ.
The Lara Project
Scope of the project:

The Hispanic independent press of Florida encompasses more than fifty titles that have been in print, and others still are printing, in dozens of cities in the State of Florida since the 1950s. These publications represent the Hispanic community of Florida in all its diversity over time. 

An important step to assure the preservation of the newspapers or serial publications and accompanying materials such as photographs or oral histories is digitization. This proposal calls for a partnership with the University of Florida Digital Collections to embark in a project for digitization to grant free online access to all historic and ongoing newspapers issues of the Hispanic independent press. 

The University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) collection of periodicals, the Florida Digital Newspapers Collection has 2.6 million pages of historic through current Florida newspapers. 

Another collection in UFDC, the Expatriate Digital Periodical Collection, is an ongoing project to house, organize, and preserve contemporary and historic material pertaining to expatriates li ving in Florida. 

UFDC provides the ideal online platform for the Hispanic newspapers to be preserved and their digital forms archived in perpetuity. 

The time frame of this project is all newspapers published in the second half of the twentieth century up to the present day available for scanning and online access. 

Current newspapers with digital copies are encouraged to become part of the collection first, assuring that UFDC will continue to harvest and archive their holdings in the future.
In the Photo: at the left Guillermo 'Bill' Lara (1964-2019), receiving  from the President of the  International Press Club of Miami Humberto O. Estenoz, the Award  "30 Anniversary of the FAHJ" In Memoriam to his father,  Guillermo Bill Lara Sr., delivering in the ceremony awarding the same distinction to the Delicias de España restaurants, in the City of South Mia mi, Florida, December 9th, 2013.